Next shop update: 10/8 (?) | Current processing time: 1-2 weeks



Where are you based/is local pick-up possible?
  • I'm based in Muncie, Indiana, in the United States!
  • I do offer local pick-up if you're in town, but please contact me before ordering to get an okay! I'll give you a discount for free shipping when you place your order in order to do this.
When will you send my order?
  • Right now I'm sending out orders once every couple of days- but your individual order will likely be packed within a week!
When will my order get here?
  • Within the US: About 1-2 weeks but could take up to 4 weeks due to COVID delays
  • Outside of the US: Up to 4 weeks, but could take up to 8 weeks due to COVID delays
  • Please keep in mind though that these are just estimates! Currently, with strain on USPS due to the political attempt to hinder it, as well as due to COVID, it could take twice as long for your order to arrive. Wait at least two months before getting concerned.

    Do you have any sales or discount codes?

    • Any sales will be applied to individual items! I also have a whole discounted section for any discounted items
    • For discount codes, if you order 20$+, you can use code: FREE20 to get free untracked shipping on domestic OR international FLAT MAIL orders! For orders 35$+ you can get free tracked shipping within the US with code FREE35!

    Are your stickers water resistant/waterproof?

    • Unless stated otherwise within the product description, no! The professionally made ones are water resistant, but any that are home print definitely are not.
    How do I order if I'm from the UK/an EU country?
    • Neither the UK nor EU countries can order from my shop due to the new VAT laws this year
    • UK people: Create a cart of whatever you'd like from my shop and DM me screenshots! I'll create an Etsy listing for you with the total because they handle VAT for me. (Any non-flat items, like pins or patches, will require tracked shipping which is an additional 14$ USD)
    • EU people: Currently there's no way for you to order! :(

      I have a different question!

      • If I haven't answered your question, please email me at, or feel free to DM me on any of my socials !!