Where are you based/is local pick-up possible?
  • I'm based in Muncie, Indiana, in the United States!
  • I do offer local pick-up if you're in town, but please contact me before ordering to get an okay! I'll give you a discount for free shipping when you place your order in order to do this.
When will you send my order?
  • The order processing time is always at the header of the shop site! As of writing this the processing time is 1-10 days for flat mail and up to 2 weeks for bulky mail (thick and/or a lot of items). This does NOT count pre-orders which will have an ETA on a case by case basis.
When will my order get here once mailed?
  • Within the US: About 1-2 weeks normally, but could take up to 8 weeks due to COVID delays
  • Outside of the US: Up to 4 weeks normally, but could take up to 12 weeks due to COVID delays
  • Please keep in mind though that these are just estimates! Currently, with  COVID, it could take twice as long for your order to arrive. Wait at least two months before getting concerned for domestic and 12 weeks for international.

Will you make a TikTok video packing my order?

  • You’re welcome to ask of course but do not get your hopes up! I already spend a lot of time each day packing orders and taking the time to film and edit order packing videos makes the process even longer. Plus I get more requests at this point than I could do most times! It’s easier when I can record orders I find especially interesting and can talk about, so honestly if you leave a nice note at check out you up your chances more than anything! :3

    Do you have any sales or discount codes?

    • Certain items that are older or overstocked will have discounts applied to them individually and can be found in the "discount/last chance" section at the top menu bar!
    • I tend to run a sale about 4x a year, or once every 4 months :)
    • Patrons in any tier 5$ and above get a discount code each month! The amount varies per tier but goes up to 25%

    Are your stickers water resistant/waterproof?

    • All the info you need on a product will be in the product description of each listing! Always double check there to be certain but yes all of the stickers I currently make are weatherproof :)
    How do I order if I'm from the UK?
    • People in the UK currently can't order from this shop due to the newest VAT laws!
    • Instead: Create a cart of whatever you'd like from my shop and DM me screenshots! I'll create an Etsy listing for you with the total because they handle VAT for me. (Any non-flat items, like pins or patches, will require tracked shipping which is an additional 14$ USD)

    Where is my order?

    • If it's been packed and mailed, a shipping confirmation order will have been sent to whatever email you entered when placing your order (check your spam folder/promotion folder if you use Gmail)
    • Once it's mailed, I have as much info as you do. If you selected untracked shipping, then neither of us will know where it is until it gets delivered. If you selected tracked shipping, then the tracking should update its location- I do not know anymore than the tracking says, however.
    When will ___ be restocked?
    • Restock times will vary! Stickers, sticker sheets, and prints will be restocked much faster.

    I can’t find a confirmation email?

    • Check your spam folder! For whatever reason a lot of times that’s where they’ll end up :) If you use Gmail, it also might be in your promotions tab
    Where is the secret shop?
    • Check the top menu navigation! 
    Where do you outsource ____/
    get your ____ made?
    • To preface, there are a lot of reasons an artist may not share their manu, and I don't share all of mine! They are proprietary business secrets due to the amount of time and money it can take to find a good manu. On top of a decrease in quality when more people use them, as well as not wanting to feel responsible for someone's possible bad experience- so please respect that! That being SAID, here's what I'll share!
    • Stickers: Stickerapp and Stickerninja
    • Sticker Sheets: Stickerninja
    • Patches: Stadri Emblems
    • Prints: Cat Print
    • Notepads: Juke Box Print
    • Charms/buttons/a lot of other stuff: Vograce

    What do you use to draw?

    • Currently I use a 12.9 inch iPad pro (2nd gen apple pencil), and Procreate!

    Do you take commissions?

    • Yes! My commission info is on my Ko-fi 
      I have a different question!
      • If I haven't answered your question, please email me at woolblossoms@gmail.com, or feel free to DM me on any of my socials !!