$17.00 USD

This is a little plushie of baby Blue! This is a PRE-ORDER! You MUST read all of the details below before ordering:

- PRE-ORDER INFO: This is a pre-order! That means that I only have the sample and the items are not in my hand yet, but this is a way to reserve one and help me raise the funds to place the order!

The ESTIMATED ship month is September! This is when it will ship from me to you. This is an ESTIMATE, meaning it could be sooner or later. Please do not order if you are not okay waiting until September or couldn't deal with any potential delays.

ALL ITEMS in an order that contain this item will SHIP TOGETHER. You only pay for shipping once, so if you don't want to wait for -everything- please place any other items seperately.

The inventory will be unlimited until June when I place whatever the final production number is and then they'll still be available as pre-orders until either I have them in hand and they're a normal product or I run out : )

If your address changes before these ship just shoot me an email with your order number and the new address and I'll change it! :)

(for UK people- you’ll have to wait until I have it in hand to place an order unfortunately due to etsys firm ship times!)

- About 5.5 inches long and 3 inches wide!

- Made of a soft/fuzzy minky material! With embroidered face details, paw details, and side paw symbol

- Filled with the normal polyester toy filling, with a few "beans" stuffed in the paws

- This is a collectable for adults, NOT a toy intended for children! :)