Froot Loop Puppy! ~ Wooden Pin

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A cereal flavored doggo! The sticker turned pinned form.

Because the pin attachment is glued onto wood, there's a chance it could come off when you take the clutch on and off- if that happens you could possibly be able to hot glue it back on! Otherwise it'll just turn into a wooden trinket~

~ About 1.5 x 1.5 Inches

~ Wooden material

~ Single rubber clutch on back

~ Comes with backing card

~ Professionally made

The wood for these pins comes from sustainable, responsibly managed woodlands, using only fast-growing types of trees (like Birch here) that are the most sustainable! These wooden pins use 20-24 times less energy than enamel pins and has 2/3 the same CO2 emissions. Because wood is a natural material, the texture and grain will vary slightly with every pin!