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About Me!

Hi!! My name is Laine and I'm a queer 23 year old illustrator who runs Woolblossom! I've been drawing, of course, since I was a kid! I really started off doing warrior cats fan art at like age 11, and continued to draw a lot from there. I started digital art at about age 13 with a little screenless Huion, and the rest is history!

I'm from North Carolina, in the US. I attended Ball State University in Indiana from 2018-2022 and got my BFA in Art with a concentration in Animation. I now live in Raleigh, NC with my partner and our two cats, Chai and Tobey :)

About Woolblossom!

I started selling my art online on August 18th, 2020! What you see above are the two products I started with :) It was not actually called Woolblossom at the time- that was changed around April of 2021! Since then, my little business has grown into what it is today!

"Woolblossom" came to be when trying to figure out a new branding name. Laine means wool and my birth name is a flower, so I just combined them!

I love cute things and find comfort in nostalgia, so that's what I focus this brand around the most. Just things that I enjoy, and hopefully you will too :)