By buying from Woolblossom you agree to the following policies:
Privacy Policy
And below:

Before Ordering
  • Ensure that you've read each policy on this page.
  • If you still have questions be sure to check the general FAQ page, and if you still don't have an answer you can email me at: Woolblossoms@gmail.com
  • The "notes/instructions for seller" of an order aren't a place for you to put a note for who you're ordering for!! It's intended to be a place to leave a note to me if needed :)
  • PLEASE TRIPLE CHECK YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT! If your address is incorrect it will not be delivered to you and I do not offer to replace or reship any mail that is lost due to being given an incorrect address. IF it does get sent back to me, I can reship it if you pay for a new shipping label in order to do so. Even if you are 100% sure you put it in right TRIPLE CHECK for this reason!
  • Orders must be placed by a person 18 years or older, or with adult supervision/permission
  • All orders are packed in a home with cats, so I can't guarantee that the package will be totally free of any cat hair ! :3
Order Processing Time
  • Check the processing time in the banner at the top of the site homepage for an accurate fulfillment time.
USPS Transit Time
  • Within the US: About 1-2 weeks normally, but could take up to 8 weeks due to COVID or Holiday (depending on the time) delays
  • Outside of the US: Up to 4 weeks normally, but could take up to 12 weeks due to COVID or Holiday (depending on the time) delays
  • Please keep in mind though that these are just estimates! Currently, with  COVID (or the Holidays), it could take twice as long for your order to arrive. Wait at least two months before getting concerned for domestic and 3 months for international.
Address Changes
  • I can change your address so long as the order has NOT been shipped yet. If it hasn't, you can email me the correct address (woolblossoms@gmail.com) and I'll change it.
  • If you order HAS been mailed then unfortunately it cannot be changed. It will sometimes be returned back to me in the case that the address was wrong, and you'll have to re-pay for shipping for it to be resent. If it never does get returned to me, unfortunately I cannot reimburse you, so ensure your address is 100% correct before ordering.
Order Cancellations
  • Order cancellations can be requested only 24 hours after an order has been placed AND if it has not been shipped. If it is within 24 hours AND I have not shipped it, you will be refunded on your original payment method. Please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund too. 
  • No order cancellations/refunds are permitted after 24 hours since the order was placed has passed.
Returns / Exchanges
  • Returns are currently not offered for any reason. For that reason, make sure you like a product before you go through with your order, as well as make sure it is the RIGHT product and correct quantity.

  • Exchanges are currently not offered. For that reason, make sure you like a product before you go through with your order, as well as make sure it is the RIGHT product and correct quantity.

Order Arrived Damaged or Incorrect
  • Please inspect your order upon reception and contact me (ideally via email, Woolblossoms@gmail.com) immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, as well as include any photos that are relevant, so that I can evaluate the issue and make it right. If there are no issues brought up to me within two weeks of your order being marked  delivered by USPS, no refund/replacement will be issued. 

Lost Mail

Once the product is sent, what happens to it is fully out of my control and in the hands of USPS/the postal services- the next steps will depend on the specific circumstances, but I do insure every tracked package! (The only exception being the Canadian shipping option without insurance for a lower cost- if the package is lost under that option, that is a risk you accept when choosing it!)

Here are some common issues:

  • The tracking still says USPS awaiting item:
    • Since I mail orders once a week/every few days, it's possible I've printed the label to pack your order, and just haven't mailed it yet!
    • It's also possible that USPS received it, and isn't scanning it for whatever reason, which does happen sometimes. I would recommend keeping an eye on the tracking because it could be scanned later down the line- but it also might show up having not been scanned at all.
  • The tracking says it was delivered but I don't have it
    • Sometimes they mark it as delivered a day or two before it should be! Keep an eye out, and it could turn up in a day or two
    • It's also possible they delivered it in a strange place, it might be unlikely but it still wouldn't hurt to check any place you've had mail show up before (mailbox, front door, driveway, etc.) 
    • Double check with your neighbors or anyone else who lives with you to ensure they did not get it, like a parent or room mate.
    • If a few days pass and you still don't have it, go to your local post office! If it wasn't delivered, it's could be in their possession and they would know the most in general
    • If you think it may have been stolen, it may be beneficial to file a police report- especially if your order total was high
    • If your local branch is unable to help you, contact me ASAP (please do not wait) and if applicable, we can proceed with an insurance claim
    Customs / Import Fees
    • I'm not responsible for any customs and import duties, or any other local postal requirements that may be issued by your country, and you will have to take care of those yourself! It's totally out of my control so please make sure you're aware of possible costs before ordering. :)
    Sustainability / Environmental Efforts
    • I try my best to practice the best sustainability practices that I can as a small business, but I definitely am not perfect! As environmentally friendly packaging supplies are more expensive than the alternative- as my business grows the more I'm able to do! :) Here are my current practices:
    • I avoid single-use plastics where at all possible! I do not individually contain my stickers, enamel pins, etc. in plastic packaging. Any plastic packaging you might come across is plastic that -I- receive the product in, and I leave it on so that it gets a 2nd use to protect the item on its way to you! (things like coin purses, buttons, etc.)
    • I also avoid adding extra things to the packing process for ~aesthetic~ reasons, that people will likely toss. Things like the little plastic or paper wormies/stars, twine, etc. I opt to not use. 
    • I do use glassine bags to put items in for transport, but I try to keep everything within a single one rather than using several for each order. Glassine has its own pros and cons, but I find it better than plastic bags and this is what I have to use for now!
    • I try to buy products within the US where it's possible, but many things are simply not possible to be made within the US at all. My sticker sheets, notebooks, notepads, prints, and patches all come from within the US!
    • I have different packaging methods depending on the items, but they are all eco-friendly to some extent! The envelopes are paper, rigid mailers and any boxes cardboard- so all recyclable and in some cases reusable. I also frequently use bubble mailers, and these are inherently harder to be eco friendly just due to what they are, but I source mine from Eco Enclose, meaning not only are they US made, but also 2 use and made of 50% recycled content.