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The History of the Woolblossom Logo <3

The History of the Woolblossom Logo <3

The History of the Woolblossom Logo <3

As of March of 2023 the Woolblossom logo has had a little refresh!! I thought this would be a good chance to just document the history of it so far while also going into why and how I landed on this one!!

I guess I should start with the fact that my small business has NOT always been Woolblossom! Or, as I like to call it:

~ the pre woolblossom era ~

Back when I first started posting my art online, on Instagram around 2014 I took what I normally used as my personal username, Stormbriel, and turned it into Stormbrieldraws for my art only account! I didn't think too deeply about it at the time so I didn't really ever change it! Above is the first attempt I really had at any kind of "branding"- the closest thing to a logo I had which I made right before starting my shop in August of 2020!

One of my biggest qualms with the username was that it was kind of embarrassing to say out loud to people, and often when I did, the spelling was not intuitive.

When my shop was super small it didn't really matter but as it grew, I knew I had to change it to something I was really happy with before I was too far in to change it without a big disruption. After my first Kickstarter (the blue's clues collar pins) back in Feb of 2021 did really well I knew I had to switch it. So I started to brainstorm!

(Photo context: This is my private Twitter, where I did a poll to see which ideas were more popular)

I started combining words together that I liked and eventually I got the idea to combine my birth name, and my chosen name! My birth name is a flower, and my chosen name means wool. Above are some of the different configurations I tried with the idea but. I simply fell in love with Woolblossom <3 So then I needed a logo!!

Version 1

May 2021 - August 2021

Of course, with wool in the name the mascot HAD to be a sheep. The issue, however, was I had never DRAWN a sheep before and I did NOT know how to do it in a way that I liked. This was my first ever attempt! She's a little bald, and a little darkly colored.

Version 2
August 2021 - April 2022

Come my first shop anniversary in August of 2021 I gave my little woolblossom sheep a redesign!! Looking back at it now I honestly really love it lol :) I really nailed down the cute look more with this one compared to the first!!

Version 3
April 2022 - March 2023

In April of 2022 I decided to go a bit more polished with my branding as a whole since I was graduating that May. The Woolblossom sheep pretty much got a redesign, now more dynamic, and fully white, with a big emphasis on my familiar teal-green color!

Version 4
March 2023 - Now!
This one by far was probably the biggest change. I feel like the new design fits my art and brand SO much better!! I do still really love version 3, but it was a bit more ... mature? A little TOO polished and sleek? I think the design of the current fits my kidcore themes much better :) I also mostly do lineart now vs. lineless so it fits that way better as well!!! The color gradient makes me so happy, and I also added a prominent focus flower on top of their head!
I have created not only a design I'm EXCITED to include and draw in instances other than JUST the logo but they are now a full character!! Please meet Sprout (they/them), the new Woolblossom mascot <3
Aaand that's pretty much it so far!! I love seeing how the logo has developed since 2020 <3 I am REALLY HOPING I stick with this one LOL so far the time to beat is a year so we will see in 2024 whether this is truly final or not :)


  • I don’t think Shopify has a reply comment integration LOL but yes anyone can draw Sprout !!! Just be sure to tag me somehow so I can see! :)

    Woolblossom on

  • Love the new design! Since you stated that they are a full character, would it be alright to draw them? Sprout is just so cute!

    Avery on

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