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Baby Sky Blue Puppy ~ Plushie!

$18.50 USD

This is a little plushie of baby Sky Blue Puppy! Please read the grading info below CLOSELY when making your choice!

Plush Grading

A grades are the best of the bunch but NOT guaranteed to be perfect! As there are still a lot of human steps in the plush making process (humans assisted with machine tools when possible), even A grades may have minor flaws, such as: a loose embroidery thread, a small amount of stabilizer left on the embroidery, etc! These will be small things that overall should not effect the overall plush.

B grades are plush that would otherwise be fine if not for a few defects/problems. These may include eyes that are a little uneven, larger amounts of stabilizer left around the embroidery, several loose embroidery threads, small areas of slightly white embroidery, etc.

C grades are plush that are. well quite wonky- be warned! These have the most amount or most dramatic of errors. Similar to that of the above, but more extreme and also including issues such as: small holes to the stuffing (can likely be sowed up), severely inverted noses, wonky paws, areas of miscolored threading, etc.

All grading is FINAL!

Plush Specs

- About 5.5 inches long and 3 inches wide!

- Made of a soft/fuzzy minky material! With embroidered face details, paw details, and side paw symbol

- Filled with the normal polyester toy filling, with a few "beans" stuffed in the paws

- This is a collectable for adults, NOT a toy intended for children! :)