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Dragon Bites! ~ Mystery Enamel Pins

$25.00 USD

Snack Dragon Enamel Pins! Receive 2 random pins in either Standard or Seconds grade packs! Collect all 8 Snack Dragons: Pickles, Smore, Choco Sticks, Cinnamon Roll, Cheese Puffs, Blueberry Pastry, Sugar Cookie, and Ringpop!

Ringpop Dragon is exclusive to Giraffalope's shop (here) and the Blueberry Pastry Dragon is exclusive to my shop!

- Designs are around 1 - 1.25 inches

- Soft enamel with screen printing details

- 7 designs available with each bag (Again, no ring pop from my bags!)

- Bags are PRE-PACKED so I don't know what's in them- don't request specific designs please!

- Each bag has a sticker on the front that is easily peelable!! Please do take it off to use how you want :) as well as a little collector's guide paper inside seen in the 2nd image!

- Seconds pins have small flaws/defects such as a missed screenprint, misaligned screenprint, chipped enamel, etc.