HOLIDAY MOOSTERY COWS! ~ Gacha Acrylic Charms

$10.50 USD

A very special gacha cow collection!


~ 12 total designs! 4 Special Season cows (rare) and 8 Normal Holiday cows

~ Special Season Cows: Have a gold colored metal clasp and glitter epoxy front;
Normal Holiday Cows: Have a basic white clasp and no epoxy

~ Each charm is 2.5 inches on their LONGEST side


~ There's about a 22% chance of getting a Special Season cow (5.5% per design), and a 78% chance of getting any Normal Holiday cows (9.75% per design)

~ I'm pre-bagging them all so I will not know what's in each bag, do NOT ask for specific ones or say you hope you don't get X design because I won't be able to help you :)

~ There are 3 full sets available to buy instead, for those who absolutely don't want to participate in the gacha, for a slightly higher price per cow. 

~ Every order for them will also come with a little paper collector's guide so you can check off which ones you get! I'd like to limit the paper guide (not charms themselves of course) to one per customer to reduce waste but it might be hard for me to actually keep on top of that across several orders- don't be confused if you only get one though :)

~ If there's a design you want but don't end up getting I recommend joining the Woolblossom discord server! There's a yard-sale channel where you can trade with the other members for the one you want :)