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Lucky Discount Mystery Bags!

$7.00 USD
Low stock - 1 available

These are bags with discontinued, overstocked, or defective items, a mystery to you at a heavy discount! I've set up 4 different types of lucky bags at different prices/containing different types of items, so choose carefully! ;)

- Stickers only bags contain 9-11 stickers! (The approx. value of 10 stickers regularly is 25$, discounted to 8$)

- Prints only bags contain 6 prints! (The approx. value of 6 stickers regularly is 24$, discounted to 13$)

- Deluxe bags contain 5 prints, 7 stickers, and 1 or more "bulky items" these are items like keychains, buttons, etc. (The approx. value of these items regularly is 45$, discounted to 20$)

- Mega bags contain 7 prints, 12 stickers, and 3 or more of the bulky items (The approx. value of these items regularly is 65$, discounted to 45$)

- Pictured is an example of each type of bag! Items will vary per bag of course :)

- Bags are PRE-packed! Meaning I won't custom make one for you. You can let me know in the instructions to seller any items you'd LIKE, just keep in mind that I may or may not be able to

- Items are slightly more likely to have cat hair on them (especially the defect ones) as it is more likely to accumulate around my defect item boxes lol!