MYSTERY B-Grade ~ Patreon Pins

$8.00 USD

A chance to let fate decide what discounted pin you get  :)

~ Pins are randomly selected from Patreon pins ONLY! If you've been in the pin tier on Patreon, there's a high chance of receiving a duplicate so this is best for non-patrons or non-pin tier patrons :) what you see in the image are NOT the only possible pins, but the number IS limited to about 6 designs (though the pool will grow with each month that I get new pins for Patreon!)

~ A-grade versions of the pins (as well as most other past rewards) are available on the Patron Secret Shop here, which you can gain access to my pledging to any tier over on Patreon!

~ Pins do not come with backing cards

~ B-Grade means there's imperfection- overfilled enamel, specks or streaks in the enamel, incorrectly colored enamel, etc.