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~ NON-PHYSICAL ITEM ~ Tattoo "Ticket"!

$10.00 USD

If there's a piece of mine you'd like tattooed, you can pay for its use this way! Let me know in the instructions for seller what piece you’re getting if you can!! There’s no real reason but I just think it’s fun to know lol :P

You don't get anything physical or digital in return for this purchase (this is also NOT a commission/custom art), but it's essentially a donation that gives you my permission to get a piece of mine tattooed :) PLEASE do not use a discount on this item unless it’s an auto discount sale- either separate the orders out or just buy this from my Ko-fi instead <3

Keep in mind that not all styles are suitable for tattooing, especially on an artist by artist basis, so make sure whoever is doing your tattoo is able to do what you'd like!

I can send you a high quality version of the piece you like (if I'm able) upon request if you shoot me an email or DM!

This item is not eligible for refunds since there's no way for me to know whether you do get the tattoo done or not!

- Any commissioned piece (unless it's yours)
- Any Woolblossom specific branding (logos, etc.)