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Sprout! ~ Linen Pin Banner

$13.40 USD

A little Sprout to hold your pins, or simply to decorate your wall! Be sure to fully read the description! <3

~ Approx. 15 x 13 inches (based on fabric surface area- NOT bottom to top of string)

~ Linen material! Edges may be SLIGHTLY yellowed due to the heat cutting process- this is normal! (If it's SEVERE please contact me)

~ Will come to you rolled up which may cause creasing or wrinkles! If that bothers you, you can help flatten it with an iron on a low heat setting!

Will hold around 10-18 medium sized pins, depending on your visual placement preference!

~ I recommend two string stabilizers (hook, nail, thumbtack, etc.) vs just one due to the nature of the pin placement mostly being on one side, if you do place them that way :) (the first photo is an example!)

~ If you DO put pins in the banner, of course keep in mind the pin holes will likely remain! You can simply cover it with another pin, or go over the surface with an iron on low heat (this will not TOTALLY remove the holes, but it may lessen the severity!)